Review of Beauty and Mr. Romantic: Nostalgic Weekend Drama with Twist
Review of Beauty and Mr. Romantic: Nostalgic Weekend Drama with Twist

Beauty and Mr. Romantic” is a romantic story about two people who unexpectedly meet and fall in love while dealing with life’s challenges. The show will debut on March 23, 2024. It is directed by Hong Seok Goo, known for previous dramas like “My Only One” (2018) and “Homemade Love Story” (2020). The screenwriter, Kim Sa Kyung, is collaborating with the director again for this series.


  • Im Soo-hyang (Park Do-ra), Ji Hyun-woo (Go Pil-seung), Lee Seol-ah (young Park Do-ra), Moon Seong-hyun (Go Dae-chung / young Go Pil-seung)
  • Release Date: March 23, 2024 (South Korea)
  • IMDb rating: 6.7 out of 10 

Beauty and Mr. Romantic Premiere

This drama series, featuring Im Soo-hyang and Ji Hyun-woo, starts by showing the childhoods of the main characters, played by young actors. “Beauty and Mr. Romantic” has all the elements of a dramatic soap opera, including scheming mothers, the discovery of a hidden mistress, and big family secrets. This K-drama will premiere on the South Korean network KBS2 and will also be available for streaming on Netflix.

Im Soo-hyang and Ji Hyun-woo star in “Beauty and Mr. Romantic,” a new series written by Kim Sa-kyung, who previously worked on “Young Lady and Gentleman” with Ji Hyun-woo. The show begins by showing the childhoods of the main characters, Park Do-ra and Go Pil-seung.

Do-ra’s Challenging Childhood

Park Do-ra, played by Lee Seol-ah as a child, is the oldest of three siblings. She is being raised by her struggling single mother to become an actress. However, her mother often leaves her alone for days to go to auditions or make money, leaving Do-ra to take care of her siblings. Sometimes, Do-ra has to confront loan sharks who come looking for her mother.

Do-ra’s mother decides to move the family to Seoul to escape debt collectors. They move into a small place owned by Pil-seung’s family. Pil-seung’s mother, Kim Sun-young, works for a powerful corporation called the App Group. The family is in turmoil because the late chairman’s mistress has come forward to claim her rights.

Do-ra’s Jealousy and a Revelation

Do-ra’s mother takes advantage of Pil-seung’s grandfather, causing more problems. But the main focus is on Do-ra and Pil-seung’s relationship. Do-ra has a crush on Pil-seung, who is older than her. When Pil-seung flirts with another girl, Do-ra gets jealous and tells his mother. This leads to a family drama where a big secret comes out, changing Pil-seung’s view of himself. This secret also connects Pil-seung’s family to Sun-young’s employer in complicated ways.

“Beauty and Dr. Romantic” will unfold over 50 episodes, and although we haven’t met the adult stars of the lead roles yet, there’s already plenty of drama happening.

This weekend drama has a lower budget, giving it a nostalgic feel similar to prime-time K-dramas from 20 years ago. It may not have the polished look of modern Korean dramas, but it has all the classic elements of makjang – Korean soap operas. This includes lots of over-the-top family drama, especially caused by conniving mothers.

Desperate Mothers and Family Conflict

Do-ra’s mother, in particular, shows desperation and dresses loudly, making us wonder if she’s shameless or simply trying to provide for her family. Then there’s the mistress who disrupts things at the App Group household. She arrives during a family ritual, drunk and demanding to move in. Surprisingly, the chairman’s son allows it, which only encourages her bad behavior. She starts bossing everyone around and even wants control of the company.

The show mixes dramatic scenes among the older family members with innocent love stories among the younger ones. These early episodes provide familiar melodrama that’s easy to watch.

The real story, involving Do-ra becoming a famous actress who reconnects with Pil-seung, is yet to unfold.

3 Reasons to Watch “Beauty and Mr. Romantic”

1. Great Cast

The series will enlist talented actors and actresses. We ares introduced Ms. Park Do –ra, a celebrity, Soo Hyang did the acting of. She has played the female lead in a movie, “My Secret Romance” with popular male actor Cha Eun Woo in 2018. Alongside “That Person Looks Familiar,” Soo Hyang has also starred in other dramas including “Graceful Family,” “When I Was the Most Beautiful (2020),” and “Woori the Virgin” (2022), and “Doctor Lawyer”.

However, Yu Won Ji acts as a female character, Joo Pyung who is an assistant director of the show. He was known for his performance in the show “You are My Queen!” Once [he] had completed [his] military service, he appeared in play series like “The Bad Thief and the Good Thief,” “Love in Alienation,” “Love Under Fire,” etc.

In addition to the main cast, many talented actors will also be featured in the drama. I am talking about Go Yoon, Sang Won Park, Im Sang-hyuk, Lee Dong-hee, Sheol Chae-hyun, Cha Hwa-yoon, Jung Jae-gook, Yewoon Lee, Im ye-jeen, Lee Doo-il, Hong Deok-hee

2. Engaging Storyline

The show has an interesting plot that will keep you hooked. Park Do Ra comes from a family with financial struggles and has always wanted to break free from it. She becomes a successful actress, but even with wealth, she feels something is missing. After a setback, she loses her status and returns to square one.

She reconnects with an old friend, Go Pil Sung, who supports her during tough times. With his help, she starts to see hope again. As the story unfolds, they might develop feelings for each other. We’ll have to watch and see how their relationship evolves.

3. Deep Storytelling

The show’s plot may seem like a typical love story, but it has layers that many people can relate to. Park Do Ra comes from a difficult family situation, and her troubled past shapes who she is. Her bond with Go Pil Sung is her source of comfort and motivation to improve herself.

“Beauty and Mr. Romantic” will be airing every Saturday and Sunday at 19:55 KST.

The Final Word

This shows promises a nostalgic and engaging experience with its dramatic storyline and talented cast. From scheming mothers to hidden family secrets, this K-drama offers classic soap opera elements. Watch it on KBS2 or Netflix and share your thoughts in the comments below!

Beauty and Mr. Romantic trailer

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