Crash Landing on You: A Netflix Rom-Com with Heart and Hidden Depths (Spoiler-Free)
Crash Landing on You: A Netflix Rom-Com with Heart and Hidden Depths (Spoiler-Free)

In “Crash Landing On You,” the main character Se-ri, a successful entrepreneur from South Korea, is drifting away when terrible wind makes her lose a sense of direction and eventually crash-land in North Korea. In that spot, she bumps into Ri Jŏng-hyŏk, a captain of the northern Korea army, who assists her to hide from authorities because they would attract danger upon her appearance.

Se-ri is kind of a spoiled brat and should adjust to living on a limited amount of money or doing without wearing expensive clothes and having all she needs. Living in North Korea, she has to get used to everything that is minimalist and different from her previous way of living. She fails in every attempt to go learning materials for the simple tasks like cooking. Jeong-hyeok does his best at making her understand how life is then in the North and military, which results in one thing after another funny discoveries.

Beyond background, Se-ri and Jeong-hyeok get closer and get to like each other. What is more, their different countries of citizenship creates hurdles for maintaining their romance.

Show is a blend of everything, taking the story of Mr. Bean further beyond just love and laughs. It’ is a matter where gratitude grows towards understanding and sympathy with other persons from different environments that we encounter during our journeys. While you will be amused by Se-ri’s humorous experiences, Se-ri’s humorous experience, you will undoubtedly face difficulties, join them in face the difficulties, but in the end, you will be one of those who love this couple. Now is the time to get the producer to the studio as I have tailored a story with all the fun, suspense, and love that spans across the walls.


  • Main Cast
    • Hyun Bin as Captain Ri Jeong-hyeok
    • Son Ye-jin as Yoon Se-ri
  • Supporting Cast
    • Seo Ji-hye as Seo Dan
    • Kim Jung-hyun as Gu Seung-jun (and others)
  • Release Date: December 14, 2019 (streamed on Netflix)
  • IMDb Rating: 7.9 out of 10 

Star-Crossed Lovers and a Hilarious Supporting Cast

Imagine a world where a serious North Korean army captain, Ri Jeong-hyok (played by Hyun Bin), meets his complete opposite: Se-ri, a sassy South Korean businesswoman used to calling the shots. When Se-ri accidentally paraglides into North Korea, their clash of cultures and personalities is undeniable. But amidst the chaos, a spark ignites.

This love story isn’t the only one that blossoms. Crash Landing on You boasts a stellar supporting cast. From Se-ri’s quirky adopted “family” in the North Korean village to Ri Jeong-hyok’s loyal army squad, each character brings their unique charm to the story. There’s even a second couple whose romance adds another layer of sweetness to the show.

More Than Just Romance

Crash Landing of You isn’t just a trifle tale of a forbidden affair; this story is a reaffirmation of human connection. They display some of the best sides of people that come from different backgrounds and diverse cultures or hold opposite opinions. They can all find a place where they truly fit and even fall in love. The show reveals the depth of an empathic connection and the importance of compassion irrespective of our diversity. It teaches us what we all share: the thread of humanity. In other words, we all are different, but not much differently than those ones that differ from us despite of differences. You will find yourself rooting for them as they struggle to sustain their love; conquer the possible dangers and establish combos of remarkable friendships despite the different spheres that they belong to.

Beyond the Romance

While the main attraction of the story is the central love story, which I find very exciting, the series also develops psychological implication and transformation of the hero. ‘Se-ri’, who is accustomed to living in luxury and in control, is now having to deal with a new reality. This is not a simple thing for her to understand, and she soon realizes that she has a lot to learn. Fojeong-hyeok, complying to his duty and tradition, seeks ways to understand the complexity of his emotions which may even involve the extreme of sacrificing himself. In addition to the story of the main character, the opera highlights life of the supporting actor as well, bringing to life his specific troubles, desires and surprising bravery. May be, you would not expect to support some, most uncommon characters, nevertheless, with their stories, the overall plot would gain the depth and emotionality.

Beyond the Entertainment

Whereas, Crash Landing on You isn’t mere story gallery; it’s an immaculate artwork masterpiece. This product management camera entailing the stunning cinematography that best show cases the beauty of both North and South Korea is showcased. Powerful visuals, picturesque greenery, and fascinating human settlements with numerous populations capture your attention, taking you into the cradle of the narration. Production design of the movie is extremely well done; there are so many details, from the complex traditional houses of North Korea to the smooth, modern apartments of South Korea. Every frame is carefully positioned not only to make the scenes look realistic but also to embellish the general atmosphere in an unusual way.

A Show for Everyone

The series “Crash Landing on You,” attracts society of different classes because it involves humor, love, adventure , and deep emotions that everyone actually like. If you consider yourself a hopeless-romantic type, get ready to feel your heart pacing just at the sight of the love sizzling between the two main characters. If you want to have a good laugh, the plot with its funny dialogues and cultural conflicts will guarantee you some great chuckles. Steven Se-Ri and Jenny Yang-Jeuhyeok fighting enemies hard out makes scene difficult to be torn your eyes from. Crash Landing on You is another masterpiece by the same director of that famous drama. As you enjoy a show with social themes and cultural differences in it you will have a lot to think about after the show. Yet, one has to notice that the series occasionally shows some mature subjects and depicts violence situations that, meanwhile, are fine for children of a certain age.

The Final Word

Crash Landing on You is a film that can noticeably transcend all genres. Sit back and discover an imaginary movie with love, fun, and annotated social statements. Outstanding acting, marvelous visuals, and good soundtrack make up the captivating world into which the viewer goes to. It switches the viewers places as they get pulled into an unforgettable story whatever their mood is and whatever their expectation. Though, no one can guarantee that to you, but being open to it could be the ticket to a long-lasting romance.

Crash Landing on You: A Netflix Rom-Com with Heart and Hidden Depths (Spoiler-Free) Trailer

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