Delhi Crime
Delhi Crime

Indian web series based on true events have gained immense popularity in recent years, providing a window into real-life stories that are both engaging and thought-provoking. Combining entertainment and education, these series shed light on various social, political and historical events that shaped the country’s landscape. Here are the top five Indian web series based on true events, their OTT platforms, storylines, impact on society and star cast.

Delhi Crime


  • Shefali Shah as DCP Vartika Chaturvedi IPS
  • Rajesh Tailang as Inspector Bhupendra Singh
  • Rasika Dugal as Neeti Singh IPS
  • Adil Hussain as Kumar Vijay (CP)
  • Kuldeep sareen as Inspector Viren Chaddha (season 2)


  • Denzil Smith as Vishal Chaturvedi, Vartika’s husband
  • Yashaswini Dayama as Chandni “Chandu” Chaturvedi, Vartika and Vishal’s daughter
  • Abhilasha Singh as Deepika, the victim of a brutal gang rape and murder
  • Sanjay Bishnoi as Akash Kumar, Deepika’s friend who was also a victim of the attack
  • Vinod Sharawat as SHO Vinod Tiwari
  • Anurag Arora as Sub-Inspector Jairaj Singh
  • Gopal Datt as Sudhir Kumar
  • Sidharth Bhardwaj as SHO Shubhash Gupta
  • Aakash Dahiya as Devinder
  • Avijit Dutt as Gururaj Dixit
  • Jaya Bhattacharya as Vimla Bharadwaj (Season 1)
  1. Delhi Crime

Delhi Crime is an eye-opening Netflix series that dives into the aftermath of the 2012 Delhi gang rape following a relentless investigation led by Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP) Vartika Chaturvedi, played by the talented Shefali Shah. The show sensitively explores the tragic events surrounding the assaults and deaths of female victims, revealing the need for stronger laws and the dire consequences for the offender. Delhi Crime not only reflects the intensity of the investigation but also highlights the social consequences of such heinous crimes, emphasizing the importance of justice and accountability. The show was praised for its realistic depiction of the incident, which connected with viewers and burnt debate about the urgent need for reform and justice in the face of such atrocities.

Scam 1992


  • Pratik Gandhi as Harshad Mehta
    • Vishesh Bansal as Junior Harshad
  • Shreya Dhanwanthary as Sucheta Dalal
  • Chirag Vohra as Bhushan Bhatt (loosely based on Sudhir Mehta and Ketan Parekh)
  • Anjali Barot as Jyoti Mehta (Harshad’s wife)
  • Hemant Kher as Ashwin Mehta (Harshad’s brother)
  • Ramakant Dayma as Shantilal Mehta (Harshad’s father)
  • Kumkum Das as Rasilaben Mehta (Harshad’s mother)
  • Nikhil Dwivedi as K. S. Tyagi
  • Shadaab Khan as Ajay Kedia (A. K.)
  • Paresh Ganatra as R. K. Maheshwari (based on Radhakishan Damani)
  • Kavin Dave as Rakesh Jhunjhunwala
  • Jay Upadhyay as Pranav Sheth
  • Kartik Krishnan as Swami
  • Ayaz Khan as Treasury Chief (Bank of America)
  • Brinda Trivedi as Deepika Mehta (Ashwin’s wife)
  • Faisal Rashid as Debasish Basu
  1. Scam 1992

Scam 1992 is a SonyLIV original series that looks into in the details of the 1992 Indian stock market scam masterminded by Harshad Mehta. Based on the book Scam: Who Wins, Who Loses, Who Gets Out by journalists Sucheta Dalal and Debashish Basu, the series is produced by Pula Pratik Gandhi, who plays the character of Harshat Mehta. Offering a great exploration of stock market manipulation, Scam 1992 navigates the moral uncertainty surrounding Harshad Mehta, questioning whether he is a hero or a criminal. The series has been widely acclaimed for its story and outstanding performances, giving viewers a far-reaching insight into the complexities of finance and economics. Scam 1992 is a must-see for those interested in financial transactions and moral dilemmas, with its narrative and star-studded cast.

Jamtara – Sabka Number Aayega

  1. Cast
Jamtara: Sabka Number Ayega (TV Series 2020– ) Poster
Full Cast & Crew: Jamtara: Sabka Number Ayega (2020– )

Series Cast (45)

Amit Sial

Brajesh Bhaan / Brajesh Bhan (18 episodes, 2020-2022)

Sparsh Srivastav

Sunny (18 episodes, 2020-2022)

Monika Panwar

Gudiya / Gudiya Singh (18 episodes, 2020-2022)

Anshuman Pushkar

Rocky (18 episodes, 2020-2022)

Dibyendu Bhattacharya

Inspector Biswa / Biswa Paathak (17 episodes, 2020-2022)

Aksha Pardasany

Dolly / Dolly Sahu (17 episodes, 2020-2022)

Aatm Prakash Mishra

Bachhu (11 episodes, 2020-2022)

Sarfaraz Ali Mirza

Ponto (10 episodes, 2020-2022)

Kartavya Kabra

Shahbaaz (10 episodes, 2020-2022)

Rohit Kp

Munna (10 episodes, 2020-2022)

Harshit Gupta

Bachha (10 episodes, 2020-2022)

Udit Arora

Saurav (9 episodes, 2020-2022)

Seema Pahwa

Ganga Devi (8 episodes, 2022)

Jamtala is a Netflix original crime drama based on the true story of a scam in the small town of Jamtara in Jharkhand. The show follows the lives of two cousins, Sunny and Rocky, who run a massive phishing scam in their village. However, when news reports postpone their activities, their illegal companies will unexpectedly change, leading to power struggles between different stakeholders. Jamtara found out the overall problem of cybercrime and emphasized the urgent need to improve network security measures to combat this complex fraud. The series provides a mesmerising and realistic portrait of the complex social and economic factors that drive individuals to engage in these illegal activities.

Aakhiri Sach

  1. cast
  • Tamannaah Bhatia as Inspector Anya Swaroop
  • Abhishek Banerjee as “Lalit” Bhuvan
  • Shivin Narang as Aman
  • Rahul Bagga as Raghav
  • Danish Iqbal as “Bhuvnesh” Aadesh
  • Gehna Seth as Karuna
  • Nishu Dikshit as Poonam
  • Kriti Vij as “Priyanka” Anshika
  • Sanjiv Chopra as Jawahar Singh
  • Firdaus Hassan as Subodh
  • Sunny Saini as Jairaj friend

Aakhri Sach, a Disney+Hotstar original series, takes inspiration from real events that happened in Burari, a place in Delhi and became one of the tragic and high-profile cases in India. This horrible true crime show explores criminal investigations in detail, highlighting the investigators’ tireless efforts to uncover the truth and deliver justice. “Aakhri Sach” also delivers the narrow-mindedness thinking of Indians and their blind devotion to black magic that reveal the intricacies of law enforcement and the far-reaching impact such cases have on society, underscoring the urgent need to improve the Indian society to deal with issues like the Burari incident.

The Rocket Boys

  1. cast
  • Jim Sarbh as Dr. Homi J. Bhabha.
  • Ishwak Singh as Dr. Vikram Sarabhai.
  • Regina Cassandra as Mrinalini Sarabhai.
  • Saba Azad as Parvana Irani “Pipsy”
  • Rajit Kapur as Jawaharlal Nehru.
  • T.M. Karthik as C. V. Raman.
  • Dibyendu Bhattacharya as Raza Mehdi.
  • Namit Das as Prosenjit Dey.

SonyLIV’s original series Rocket Boys is an inspiring historical drama that takes an in-depth look at two of India’s most famous scientists, Homi J. Bhabha and Vikram Sarabhai. The series follows their abnormal journey as they work tirelessly to build India’s nuclear and space programs, facing numerous challenges. “Rocket Boys” was widely praised for its accurate portrayal of historical events, highlighting the impact of their revolutionary work and the importance of scientific research and development in a rapidly changing world. The show has been praised for its brilliant storytelling, flawless performances and ability to inspire audiences by showing the dedication and vision of these scientists who played a crucial role in shaping India’s technological and scientific scenario.

Overall, Indian web series based on true events offer a unique combination of entertainment and education, illuminating various social, political and historical events that shaped the country’s geography. These series have had a significant impact on society, raising awareness on various issues and highlighting the need for better laws, policies and social norms. With mind-blowing stories and outstanding performances, these episodes have become a must-watch for anyone interested in exploring INDIA.

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