Top 4 Crime-thrillers Movies You can’t miss to watch

The Telugu film industry has always been a hub of exciting murder mystery films that have thrilled the audience with their intense story and shocking plots. Telugu cinema has produced some top-notch murder-mystery films that keep audiences enthralled. Let’s dive into the top four Telugu murder mystery movies that have left a lasting impression on their audiences.

Drushyam (2014)

    Drushyam is the official remake of the Malayalam super hit movie Drushyam, it is a family entertainer where superstar Venkatesh plays an ordinary family man who struggles for his bread & butter. Venkatesh is a down-to-earth character without any star quality. Former actress Meena is opposite Venkatesh and is the mother of two daughters. The story of Rambabu (Venkatesh) is a married man in the middle class. He runs a cable television network in a small village near Vijayanagaram.

    The problem starts when the son of police inspector Geetha (Nadia) is tortured and mysteriously disappears after raping Rambabu’s daughter. Geeta becomes suspicious of Rambabu’s family and uses her power to chase them. Rambabu uses his genius brain to save the family from the consequences, but can he save his family from the police and avoid his punishment?

     What happened to Varun? How does Rambabu try to save his family? The answers to these questions will form the core of the story.

    Rakshasudu (2019)

      Following his father’s footsteps, Arun (Bellamkonda Srinivas) plays a cop who finds himself in challenging situations. When a series of teenage girls go missing in town, Arun and his team are tasked with solving the disturbing case. The plot thickens when Allen’s niece becomes the next victim of a mysterious kidnapper. The story unfolds as Allen digs deeper into the investigation, in a race against time to uncover the truth and catch the killer behind the kidnapping. As the tension rises and the stakes escalate, Allen must cross many paths and obstacles to bring justice and an end to this tragic case, demonstrating his determination, wisdom and courage in the face of adversity.

      U-turn (2018)

        The U-Turn is a thrilling murder-mystery thriller about Rachana played by Samantha Akkineni, a newspaper intern who investigates several suspicious deaths involving dangerous U-turns on a flyover in Chennai. She discovers that each of the victims used U-turns illegally and died of apparent suicide on the same day. With the help of sympathetic police officer Nayak (Adi), Rachana digs into the case and uncovers a mysterious link between the deaths and the flyover.

        The film’s clever narration, eerie atmosphere and Samantha’s powerful performance keep the audience engaged till the end. Director Pawan Kumar stitched crime and acted very well, with mystery and supernatural elements to deliver a thrilling experience while conveying an important message about the importance of following traffic rules. The twists and turns of U-Turn make it a must-watch for fans of the genre, showcasing the depth of talent in the Telugu film industry.

        Yashoda (2022)

          The suspense thriller stars Yashoda Samantha as the eponymous character who enters the world of surrogacy to save her sister. When Yashoda becomes a surrogate mother at the high-tech facility Eva, her first hope turns to doubt as she discovers disturbing truths about the organization. Making contact with other agents, Yashaoda noticed that something was wrong with Eva’s operation. At the same time, a loud traffic accident in which a businessman and a model were injured attracted the attention of the local police. Jasoda’s investigation into Eva leads her to uncover shocking truths that intertwine with the police case and reveal a web of lies and danger. The film delves into the dark side of surrogacy and mixes suspense, mystery and intrigue to keep the audience on the edge of their seats until the thrilling finale.

          Telugu murder mystery movies have a great reputation in the industry and have given audiences a breathtaking and engaging cinematic experience. With their intricate plots, brilliant performances and unexpected twists, these films set high standards for murder mysteries in Indian cinema. Be it the suspenseful story of ‘Drushyam’, the strange atmosphere of ‘Rakshasudu’, the mind-blowing story of ‘U Turn’ or the sci-fi elements of ‘Yashoda’, these films showcase the potential of Telugu. Immerse yourself in these films and experience the magic of Telugu cinema at its best in an adventure of suspense and mystery.

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