My Demon on Netflix: A Review of Love, Fate, and Missed Opportunities
My Demon on Netflix: A Review of Love, Fate, and Missed Opportunities

“My Demon” is a romantic series featuring Song Kang and Kim Yoo-jung. It’s about a love story that’s destined to happen, which can be tricky to pull off well. But this series does it right. It shows how love can overcome fate. With good plots, great acting, and surprising moments, “My Demon” keeps viewers hooked on the story of our couple facing tough odds.

  • Cast: Kim Yoo-jung , Song Kang , Lee Sang-yi , Kim Hae-sook
  • Release Date: November 24, 2023

IMDb rating: 7.7 out of 10

A Strong Woman and a Powerless Demon

The story ‘My Demon’ depicts us a strong-willed woman, CEO Do Do-hee who runs her business but hides her sadness from her biased family whose only decent members are her aunt and her cousin. Circumstances in the factory where she works appeared. The plot is that some of my relatives are purpose to overthrow the company and push me away. This is a trait that puts her as a goal. She bumps into a 200-year-old-monster named Jung Gu With the.

Gu-won is a daemon who believes that he is more sophisticated than mankind as he finds humans low and subordinate. He hardly can distinguish between his past human life and present ghost state and the fact that he leads a good life without too much brake, this is his soul collection. His extractionee of souls from the desperate, miserable people is often a breeze to him. He sees her for the first time when they meet accidentally and he suspects that she is very scared facing any danger and consequent he decides to help her. It is, however, ironic that he who had the tattoo controlling his powers eventually found it on the arm of the woman and became powerless. Now, Gu-won lapses into Do-hee’s absurdity. As they spend time together, they come to adore each other and they begin to understand how intertwined their lives have become.

Apart from a great chemistry between “My Demon’s” characters of Kim Yoo-jung and Song Kang, either of them presented their individuality and togetherness, they both were glowingly distinctive. The boundary of emotion that Do Do-hee, Yoo-jung’s character, is also relating in which she carefully conceals her feelings. maybe this because he had suffered a lot in the past, he went through a very tough upbringing in his family. Yoo-jung does excellent work helping Do-hee grow from a cold person into someone who is more open-minded and has vulnerability issues lessened in her as well. You have to shout about this wonderful portrayal of a daughter, in which the acting, directing and writing perfectly show the realistic and well-done path to her character’s growth.

In addition to Seol, Jung Gu-won, as ‘My Demon”s main antihero, also deserves credit. He is upfront about his belief that humans are insignificant, much to the viewer’s disliking at the start. However, it’s the scene relating to his transformation as he falls in love with Do-hee where we see the difference in his behavior. While he is always though and not kind, his attitude towards people changes from he begin to care more about her. Further, it is also revealed why he ached from his memory regarding his past and challenges passed through.

Suspenseful Plot with Familiar Tropes

So, the plot moves around the most known scheme for supernatural romance made by Creature and Human. Murders, however, don’t bring something new to the genre, only affirm other positive details. Although the murderer is revealed, this doesn’t stop the story to be appealing. Hee’s parents’ death later on turns out as a puzzle too hence the suspense becomes higher. The unity between all characters Do-hee is having with her life is the most exciting part for me to discover. These features that make people to follow their past, present and future well endowed with gripping nature.

It happens when the narrative in “My Demon” loses its rhythm or timing and/or the plot, suspense, and surprises don’t gel well. Noh Suk-min’s “bad guy” unveil sounds like a long-running drama’s routine bad dialogues and makes it difficult to regard the full drama accurately. It’s the one we are expected to see Suk-min’s metamorphosis on how much he would give to make his wish come true. However, his transformation is not depicted vividly. Moreover, some characters and plots point of view that get introduced but are then forgotten; this is not usually nice to the audience room. As a case in point, the gang which shows up after the main lead gives away their leader’s soul feels like extra, doesn’t add up any more to the story.

An underdeveloped Character Arc

There’s a character named Jin Ga-young in “My Demon” who feels like her storyline doesn’t get enough attention. After Episode 11, she kind of fades into the background and doesn’t do much. It seems like the writer didn’t know what to do with her after her big moment of being a villain. She just mentions she has to leave without much explanation. In the finale, her story comes full circle, but if more had been done with her between Episode 11 and the finale, it could have been more impactful.

What really makes “My Demon” powerful is the messages from God. In the conversations between Gu-won and God, we get the main themes of the show. It talks about how faith can be dangerous and how happiness can be harmful if there’s no sadness to balance it out. God reminds Gu-won (and us) of important lessons we might forget. And most importantly, even when fate seems certain, there might be a way to change it.

The Final Words 

“My Demon” is a captivating series from start to finish. Do-hee and Gu-won show us what true love is, as they overcome every challenge, even death. The supporting cast is strong, even though some of their roles may not feel essential. Overall, “My Demon” is a story about love, destiny, and finding hope to keep moving forward.

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