Not Your Typical Mom Story: A Review of "The Good Bad Mother"
Not Your Typical Mom Story: A Review of "The Good Bad Mother"

Never mind perfect vision of motherhood on TV. “The Good Bad Mother” is an intrigue game that demonstrates raw feelings experienced by mothers. This review dives into the show, exploring its characters who aren’t afraid to be messy, the ups and downs of family life, and whether it celebrates the “good” moms or the “bad” moms (spoiler alert: it is not all about this straightforward matter; surely, there are some grays (or as we say “it’s not black and white, rather it is gray), Then, instaead of the usual coffee, tea and wine, let’s share the thing we can judge together the next tv series you are supposed to like!

All of us at some point or the other have found ourselves in a situation where all we could do was frown, negate, and think that our parents did not a thing right when we were young. We, as soon as we become a parents ourselves, we can comprehend the reasons behind their decisions way better. “The Good Bad Mother” follows this particular journey of parenthood and showcases the complexity of parenting and the different paths families can take to deal with their struggles.

  • Cast: Ra Mi-ran, Lee Do-hyu, Ahn Eun-jin and Yoo In-soo
  • Release date: April 26 – June 8, 2023

IMDb rating: 8.4 out of 10

Childhood & Parenting

When we were kids, we often thought our parents weren’t doing a good job. But as we grow up and become parents ourselves, we start to understand why they did things a certain way. Sometimes we realize they were right and copy their methods exactly. Other times, we find better ways to do things and break free from old family patterns. And sometimes, we make new mistakes that our kids might learn from in the future. It’s all part of learning and growing as parents.

The Good Bad Mother Series- A Walkthrough

In this story, there’s a mom who raises her son all by herself on a farm with pigs. She’s very strict about his studies, saying he shouldn’t have friends, play, or have fun. She also tells him not to eat too much because it’ll make him sleepy. The son does really well in school and becomes a cold-hearted prosecutor who doesn’t want anything to do with his mom.

But then, he has an accident that leaves him with the mind of a 7-year-old. This gives the mom a chance to rebuild her relationship with him, and the story shows how their bond grows again.


In the series, there’s a part where young Kang Ho writes “bad mom” on his note for not going on a picnic. His mom always made him study instead of letting him have fun. But we find out that she did this because she was scared of losing him.

In the series, there’s a scene where Kang Ho’s mom burns all the prizes he won for his art because she thought he should have been studying instead. Later, she regrets it and fixes everything she destroyed. She used to live for revenge against the system that let her down, but then realizes that enjoying life is more important. 

After Kang Ho’s accident, people feel sorry for them, but his mom sees it as a chance to make up for her mistakes and create happy memories. She works hard and stays positive, no matter what challenges come their way. It’s really impressive how she keeps going and tries to make the most out of life.

My Thoughts

Ra Mi-ran, who played the mom, did a great job in the series. She starts off as a shy girl, then becomes a happy wife, a sad widow, a strict mom, and finally a hopeful person. It feels like you really know her character personally because of how well she acted.

Lee Do-hyun, who played Choi Kang Ho, also did a fantastic job. He goes from being a serious student to a serious lawyer. But even when he’s serious, you can see the innocence in his eyes and the cuteness in the way he shows his emotions.

The kids Ye-jin and Seo-jin are really cute in the series. They start off scaring Kang Ho, which is funny to watch. Their mom, Lee Mi-joo, has been through a lot on her own. She dealt with heartbreak, pursued her passion for work, and tried her best to make her kids happy. In the end, she realizes that just being there for them makes them happy.

The other characters were also great. Bang Sam-sik showed true love throughout the story and found unexpected love in the end. The two henchmen added humor to the series and also had an important role to play.

The characters in the series, whether they’re villagers, negative characters, or the main ones, all have their own complexities. Sometimes, the villagers act out of innocence but end up doing the right thing. The negative characters cause a lot of trouble, and the main characters often struggle between right and wrong, believing they’re doing what’s ultimately best. 

In a way, it reflects real life. We all make decisions based on what we know, thinking it’s the right thing to do. Sometimes we’re happy with the outcome, and other times we regret it.

Spoiler Ahead

Choi Kang Ho, in the end, realizes he never hated his mom; he was dealing with his own struggles. When asked why he went to law school, he admits he’s trying to figure out why he made that choice. He questions why his childhood was so restricted— only allowed to study, not eat enough, unable to draw, and unable to express his love for his friend.

He wonders why his once happy mom became bitter and stopped doing things she loved, and he wants to know the truth about his dad’s murder.

The Final words

The strong performances, relatable characters, and heart-warming story make “The Good Bad Mother” a compelling watch. It reminds us that parents are human too, and sometimes the best we can do is keep trying and learning alongside our children.

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