‘LSD’ web-series review: Offers an engaging experience with an exciting twist

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mold, Shiva Kona, Abhilash Bhandari, Kunal Kaushal, Ramya Dinesh, Neha Desh Pandey, Prachi Kether, Prabhakar etc.

Writing and Direction: Shivkona

producers, Anil Moduga, Shiv Kona

music, Praveen Mani

cinematographer, Pawan Guntuku

rating, 3/5


The intrigue unfolds when a strange-looking child turns out to be a harbinger of impending danger. Amidst the leisurely moments where friends enjoy a chicken feast, it is decided to go on a trip to the forest. Among friends, two couples are married and one couple is on the verge of getting married. Despite the Child’s warnings through dreams, the group proceeds on the journey.

The initially innocent trip takes an unexpected turn, leading to tragic consequences for one of the three couples, leaving only four individuals left. Fear grips the survivors as they face mysterious dangers within the jungle. The web series promises to expose the truth behind a series of serial murders, compelling the audience to watch and discover the intriguing reality hidden within the story.

Exhibition of

Prachi Thakar has given an impressive performance in the role of Candy, showcasing her acting abilities. Prabhakar has played the character of Raju skillfully in a commendable performance. Director Shiva Kona, who also plays the lead role of Danny, earns praise for his acting skills, indicating potential versatility in different roles.

The cast including Abhilash Bhandari, Kunal Kaushal, Ramya Dinesh, Neha Desh Pandey, Prachi Kether and others contribute effectively in their diverse roles. However, the dubbing for some characters in several scenes seems artificial, requiring focus on improvement in that aspect. Despite this, the overall performances in the film make the viewing experience even better.

Analysis and Technical

Director Shiva Kona has enthralled the audience since the beginning of the web series, which has intrigued with the strange behavior of a girl who is attached to a chicken. As the friends prepare for the trip, the introduction of a mysterious child sets the stage for a gripping story. All characters with unique personalities contribute to the series’ appeal, and unexpected deaths in the woods add interest.

However, the inclusion of adult scenes and bisexual scenes may make it challenging to watch as a family. Drawing parallels with the film ‘Arvind’, the web series, despite featuring strong performances, suffers from a slightly slow script. The initial episodes focus on character introductions, with the pace gradually increasing in later installments. The last episode capitalizes on the slow pace and offers a compelling twist.

Director Shiva Kona’s engrossing story ends with an unexpected climactic twist, winning the audience’s approval. Best enjoyed individually or with a mature audience, the web series offers an exciting option for the weekend. Pawan Guntu’s commendable cinematography and Praveen Mani’s great music adds to the viewing experience. Despite the need for some editing adjustments, the overall production values ​​remain commendable.

Overall, the web series ‘LSD’ conveys the message that illicit relations are harmful, providing an engaging experience with an exciting twist. Though worth a watch, it has some adult scenes, so it is advisable to avoid watching with family.

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